In 2006 BDI created a spin-off called SEBIEK S.L. which now is part of Saludnova company. Saludnova is an e-health company that provides ubiquitous solutions for people that require occasional or regular monitoring of biometric variables and/or real-time detection of alarm situations, triggering necessary medical care measures, seeking a greater level of wellbeing.

SEBIEK S.L. has been awarded with:

  • 2nd Prize in “Ideas Empresariales” (Business Ideas) for the SEBIEK project in the 17th edition of the Toribio Echevarria Awards, 2006.
  • 1st Prize for SEBIEK in the 6th Kutxa Enterprisers Competition, 2005.
  • 2nd Prize: AINGERU: System of Telemedicine involving the monitoring of elderly people in the 3rd edition of the “Manuel Laborde Werlinden” Award, 2003.